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600-Mile Bike Ride for Climate Action
Starting Friday, July 12, 2024


Renowned climate scientist and innovator Jacquelyn Francis is taking a stand against carbon emissions with a 600-mile bike ride from Salt Lake City to Sun Valley, Idaho, and back. This journey aims to raise awareness for climate action and inspire others to embrace new, sustainable practices, even if they seem daunting.

Why This Ride Matters:

Jacquelyn often travels by plane to climate events, resulting in a significant carbon footprint. This year, she’s choosing a greener path. Starting with a train ride from her hometown of Aspen to Salt Lake City, Jacquelyn will bike 300 miles to the 9th Sun Valley Forum and back, showing that sustainable travel can be practical and inspiring. Her choice of an e-bike, equipped with a Yamaha motor, highlights the advancements in green technology and its potential to transform our travel habits.
This ride is not just a personal challenge; it’s a call to action.  Jacquelyn wants to demonstrate that significant change is achievable and that each of us has the power to reduce our dependence on carbon.
"I hate the carbon footprint I produce from traveling. I hope to show people that biking 600 miles is doable and should be celebrated. This ride isn’t about suffering or going off the grid; it’s about finding fabulous and freeing solutions that reduce our dependence on carbon. I hope that someday in the very near future, this isn’t seen as impractical (or even unusual) but inspirational. " - Jacquelyn Francis.

A Grand Finale:

Jacquelyn’s journey will culminate at the prestigious Sun Valley Forum in Ketchum, Idaho, where she will join climate leaders worldwide. Here, Jacque will announce the 2024 Keeling Curve Prize winners, recognizing outstanding climate organizations combating climate change. After this significant event, Jacquelyn will ride her bike back to Salt Lake City, making her total journey 600 miles. 
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How You Can Help

  • Support: Donations will go directly towards supporting Jacquelyn on her ride, making it revenue-neutral by covering her journey costs after a long day of riding. She will be averaging 100 miles a day! Whether it's $1 or $10, anything helps.
  • Follow Her Journey: Stay updated with frequent posts and live updates on the Global Warming Mitigation Project's social channels. Share her story to spread the word.
  • Join the Movement: Be inspired by Jacquelyn’s commitment. Consider how you can reduce your own carbon footprint and advocate for climate action on your next journey, in your daily life, in your community, and beyond.
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