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GWMP Team Continues to Grow

We’re building a better future together. Join us in welcoming our newest hires to the GWMP family!

We’re excited to start this fresh new year with an expansion to our leadership and networks: Dr. Andrei Ruckenstein to the Board of Directors, Marilyn Waite to the Advisory Council, and Valorie Aquino as Program and Development Director.

Dr. Ruckenstein holds extensive experience in imaginative research and higher education models. He is the former Vice President and Associate Provost for Research at Boston University, where he currently serves as Professor of Physics and Chair of the Physics Department. “I am privileged to join the board of the Global Warming Mitigation Project,” Ruckenstein said. “Defining collaborations and cultivating life-long relationships are skills I aim to bring to the organization. I have been enriched by the science community, and I’m deeply invested in the future of science and the quality of life in all our communities.”

Marilyn Waite brings passionate expertise in driving the green economy through wise, equitable, and proactive investments in sustainable solutions. As Program Officer in Environment at the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, Marilyn leads their climate and clean energy finance portfolio. “I’ve long been attracted to solving pressing global challenges. I’m motivated by the work to help shape, mobilize and deploy the capital we need to solve climate change and therefore solve this pressing challenge for humanity.”

Valorie Aquino, a former national co-chair and organizer of the world’s first March for Science, delivers demonstrated research and practice in climate change and science advocacy. “Extraordinary times require extraordinary efforts,” she said. “I’m thrilled to join a talented and resourceful team who are dedicated to conscious, intentional solutions for the futures we all want to live in.”

The Global Warming Mitigation Project’s flagship program is the Keeling Curve Prize, which awards a total of $250,000 across 10 projects from around the world with significant potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions or promote uptake. Since inception, the GWMP network has directly distributed $750,000 to 30 KCP Laureates and has reviewed more than 550 applications from 68 countries.

“Expanding the size and scope of this organization will serve to increase our efficacy and impacts,” said founder and Executive Director Jacquelyn Francis. “The GWMP is one of the most effective organizations making strides in identifying, funding, and creating ancillary programs leading to measurable success stories. Together we know the ways, and we need to expand the avenues for more people to get there.”

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