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Business Expansion Research Fellow

Oorja Development Solutions India Private Limited

Business Expansion Research Fellow

Business Expansion Research Fellow

About the Organization:
Oorja is a Farming-as-a-Service company that addresses the energy, agrarian,, and climate crises faced by smallholder farmers in India. We provide solar-powered irrigation, milling, and cooling services on a pay-per-use basis to smallholder farmers previously reliant on fossil fuels. Oorja also provides complimentary Farmer Advisory services to its irrigation users. Agronomists provide Farmer Advisory services on best practices for each cultivation step, from soil preparation to precise input application to harvesting helping farmers adopt sustainable agricultural practices thereby reducing costs and increasing productivity. Decentralized solar power is a suitable technology, but the initial investment cost for these systems is prohibitively high. Oorja has pioneered an inclusive business model that removes the upfront cost barrier of equipment and reduces on-farm energy costs by up to 50%. This will accelerate the adoption of clean energy among smallholder farmers with limited financial capital, landholding, and social capital.

Fellowship Description:

The intern would play a crucial role in researching and analyzing data related to the expansion of Farmland irrigation projects in India (B2C services). The expansion research would be focused within a 500 km radius of our current regions of operations in Uttar Pradesh (a state in India). The primary responsibility will be to conduct internet-based research and gather data from government and other data sources to analyze and recommend regions for expansion. Some of the key criteria to look at would be:

-Agro-Climatic and groundwater conditions

-Geographical analysis for new areas of expansion

-Crops grown and crop-wise water demand

-Current Methods of Irrigation including costs and prevalence

-Government schemes and implementation status

-Market Analysis

-Cost-Benefit Analysis

Also, research potential areas for the launch of our B2B services and identify potential first clients (agribusinesses, large FPOs, SMEs, corporate foundations that have agricultural programs, and agri corporates engaged in contract farming).

Create a shortlist and make the first contact to understand their irrigation needs or that of the farmers they work with. Create a short survey form to collect the data.

-Currently pursuing or recently completed a degree in Agriculture, Environmental Science, Bachelor of Arts

-Familiarity with agricultural practices with geography and topography of Indian states.

-Strong research and analytical skills with the ability to gather, interpret, and present data effectively.

-Detail-oriented and organized, capable of handling large volumes of information.

-Proficient in using internet search engines, databases, and research tools.

Desired Skills/Interests

-Passion for sustainable agriculture and water resource management.

-Ability to work independently and take initiative in carrying out research tasks.

-Good written and verbal communication skills to present findings and insights clearly.

-Proficiency in data analysis tools (e.g., Excel, statistical software) is a plus.

-Flexibility and adaptability to work in a dynamic and evolving project environment.

Time Commitment: 25 hours / week

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