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Communications Fellow


Communications Fellow

Communications Fellow

About the Organization:

Symbrosia developed SeaGraze, a natural seaweed feed additive that reduces enteric methane emissions in livestock by 80%+. Called “the seaweed that could save the planet” by The Verge, Forbes, and The Washington Post, Symbrosia’s product is unmatched in value and is being used by Neutral and Organic Valley in early demonstrations. Symbrosia breeds and cultivates fast-growing seaweed strains in Kona, Hawai'i and mixes the dried seaweed into ration or blended with mineral on pasture for verified reduction. By working with contract manufacturers, carbon certifiers, and trendy brands we're creating scaled, audited, and culturally significant climate-friendly beef and dairy products ahead of cell-cultured alternatives.

Fellowship Description:

As a Communications Intern, you will play a vital role in supporting the communications department and gaining hands-on experience in various aspects of corporate communications. You will have the opportunity to work closely with seasoned professionals and contribute to the development and execution of communication strategies and initiatives. Your responsibilities will include managing social media channels (writing captions, posting + managing DM's and responding to comments on IG & LinkedIn) as well as conducting general research and light design capabilities i.e. producing decks / presentations needed for the marketing team. This role will also include event logistics including conferences, trade shows, and webinars. Assist in coordinating logistics, creating promotional materials, and providing on-site support when required.

Through this internship, you will learn what it's like to be a core team member at a fast-growing startup in the climate sector and how marine algaes and microbes can help us solve some of the world's largest problems. You will put your storytelling, analysis, and communications skills to work by doing foundational research to shape Symbrosia’s marketing & brand strategy and develop action plans.

During this internship you will:

1. Help Symbrosia enhance marketing & brand strategy and develop plans to execute on that strategy specifically around social media and experiential marketing tactics

Work with marketing team to develop and write content and copy for Instagram and LinkediN pages

Develop and write briefs for graphic designer for all social media and events related tactics included but not limited to {invitations, educational materials, product overviews, infographics and Instagram stories and feed}

2. Create landscape analyses of websites, blogs, podcasts, and other media sources that Symbrosia should build relationships with and work with marketing team to prioritize that list and outreach tactics

3. Devise a strategy for which conferences would be most strategic for Symbrosia to attend to build brand recognition

Draft and submit speaking engagement and applications for Symbrosia leadership team

Help develop content and/or presentations for event engagements working with designer when needed

4. Build out Symbrosia’s Ambassador Program

Assist in building content and social strategy to leverage program

5. Create lasting impact on the trajectory of our company

6. Have the best internship of your life

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

- Market research - Look beyond what’s most popular to find the most strategic blogs, podcasts, websites, and other earned media sources for Symbrosia to be featured on. Turn your research into an interconnected landscape/map of relevant media that guides Symbrosia’s brand-building strategy

- Conference research - From climate-tech, to aquaculture, to agriculture, to food systems, to science, research upcoming industry events and conferences and create a strategy for what events Symbrosia should show up to and why. Present the strategy to the team for feedback and iterate

- Brand strategy - audit the strategy and thought behind Symbrosia’s branding, contribute your ideas, gather expertise via research, and help the company continue to improve


Desired Qualifications:

Currently pursuing a degree in Communications, Public Relations, Marketing, Journalism, or a related field.

Excellent written and verbal communication skills, with a keen eye for detail and the ability to adapt writing style for different audiences and platforms.

Familiarity with social media platforms and an understanding of their role in corporate communications.

A passion for communications, storytelling, and staying up to date with climate and food industry trends and best practices.

Time Commitment:   20 hours / week

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