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Data Engineering Fellow


Data Engineering Fellow

Data Engineering Fellow

About the Organization:

Wastezon is redefining the future of urban mining by innovating for materials circularity. To live in a waste-free world, we must establish traceability systems to valorise and reuse materials. Our integrated solution consists of Wastezon 2.0, a digital marketplace for quality-vetted second-hand electronics, and WastezonX, a web app that provides manufacturers with traceability and reverses logistics services. So far, over 500 tons of electronic materials have been transacted on the Wastezon app, diverting an equivalent amount of over 3100 tons of carbon emissions

Fellowship Description:

To improve our users’ materials traceability experience, we are looking for a Data Scientist Fellow to utilise available data to build relevant models that allow the users to make informed decisions in electronics reuse, repair and remanufacturing. Some of the responsibilities will be:

Analysing massive amounts of data for the discovery of patterns and trends.

Liaising with our material science team to build predictive and comparative models using algorithms and the implementation of ML

Communicating and Storytelling to non-technical staff or stakeholders using immersive data visualisation techniques.

Proposing solutions and strategies to business challenges.

Collaborating with engineering and product development teams to implement models and monitor outcomes.

Intern Qualifications:

0.5-2 years of experience in data science or similar roles (internships are also considered)

BSC in Data Science, Computer Science, Mathematics or other relevant education backgrounds (graduate students are preferred)

Experience in statistical modeling, machine learning, data mining, unstructured data analytics, and natural language processing.

Proficiency in statistical and other tools/languages R, S-plus, SAS, STATA, Python.

Familiarity with relational databases and intermediate-level knowledge of SQL.

A naturally inquisitive and problem-solving mindset.

A passion for data and data science.

Excellent verbal and written communication skills in English.

Time Commitment: 25 hours / week

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