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Ecosystem Researcher

Regen Foundation

Ecosystem Researcher Fellow

About the Organization:

Regen Foundation supports diverse communities with ideas and technologies which integrate ecological, economic, and human well-being. We build the Regen Commons. A global network of grassroots DAOs to ensure climate finance ultimately supports sovereign regenerative bioregional economies. As the non-profit arm of Regen Network. We pilot implementation level research in community ownership and governance in regenerative finance.

Fellowship Description:

Regen Foundation is a non-profit, researching the relationships between grassroots natural resource governance, decentralized technologies like blockchains and DAOs, and earth-centric law.

We are looking for a part-time position to research on the following 3 main topics:

- The role of grassroots governance in natural resource management.
- The role of open source software to make the evaluation of natural assets more democratic and ethical.
- The potential overlaps between earth centric law, like the Rights of Nature movement, with community governance of common pool resources.

We are looking for a self-motivated candidate who can develop original research at the intersection of decentralized technology, regenerative economics, and earth-centric law.

Responsibilities include:
- research applications of DAOs on natural resource governance.

- compiling a database of situations where legal personhood has been established for ecosystems.

- support communication with our legal partners focusing on ecocentric law

- provide write-ups, documentation , and feasibility reports based on research findings.

This position is best suited to highly motivated fellows capable of synthesizing potential research trajectories out of a complex set of relationships.


Written and oral fluency in english. Spanish a big plus. Including proficiency in long format public reports.

Experience distilling project documentation from many actors into reports and studies in PDF form.

Familiarity with web3 related approaches, including DAOs, to climate justice.

Familiarity with the Rights of Nature movement.

Proficiency writing and maintaining correspondence with ecosystem partners.

Graphic design skills or sensibility a major plus. (Fluency in diagramming etc)

Time Commitment: 15 hours / week

Ecosystem Researcher

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