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Graphic Design Fellow

Kelp Blue

Graphic Design Fellow

About the Organization:

We're on a mission to restore marine biodiversity and sequester carbon by cultivating giant kelp forests.

Together with our foundation we are addressing the gaps in the science and knowledge around kelp forests' ecosystems. We want to raise awareness about the ecological importance of kelp forests, drive research, build knowledge and strengthen the science around giant kelp. We also focus research efforts in understanding the ecological benefits of kelp products such as our biostimulant - a product applied on crops to make them stronger from within, allowing farmers to use less chemical fertilisers.

Our HQ's are in Amsterdam, but our operations are in Ludertiz, Namibia. We're an international team and are passionate about progress and our planet.

Fellowship Description:

Come practice your graphic design skills with us. We're on a mission to increase biodiversity and ecosystem benefits of giant kelp, and we need lots of education and knowledge sharing to deliver this message. We continuously need graphic design work in forms of infographics or social media posts to share public awareness and science communication on the topic.


Our ideal candidate is results and impact oriented, dedicated to our mission and has affinity with the subject matter which will help in translating the content in a clear manner. The candidate has these qualifications:

- Skilled in graphic design programme of choice.
- Attention for detail and aesthetics that fits our brand
- Support in translating scientific findings into visually compelling work
- Creative, results-driven, self-motivated, visual story-teller.

Time Commitment:   20 hours / week

Graphic Design Fellow

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