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Market Research Fellow

Kelp Blue

Market Research Fellow

Market Research Fellow

About the Organization:

To restore our planet to equilibrium, or even to abundance, we need to come together to find cost-effective, long term and environmentally sustainable solutions.

At Kelp Blue, we believe we’ve found one such solution: growing and managing large-scale Giant Kelp forests. These underwater forests safely lock away Co2 in the ocean forever.

More importantly, these giant kelp forests also help sustain healthy marine ecosystems, providing food and shelter for countless species.

Fellowship Description:

Kelp Blue has developed it's first product, a bio-stimulant for agriculture. this product is 100% natural and made from the beneficial components of the giant Kelp we farm on the coasts of Namibia, Alaska and NZ.

We are expanding to international frontiers and need a hand in researching our target markets.

Responsibility: Research the markets Kelp Blue wants to expand to and delivery market analysis and go to market suggestions.

What will be expected:

- Desk research to understand the size and specificities of the agricultural market in the countries we target

- Mapping of actors of interest

- Mapping of competition

- Pricing analysis and suggestions

- Go to market suggestion for the country analyzed

- Close collaboration with the sales team of Kelp Blue


We are looking for someone that:

- Has a feel for climate, sustainability and business with purpose

- Capacity to work individually and remain motivated

- Business acumen and logic thinking

- Analytical mind set and organized way of working

- International experience / or at least a curiosity for international business

- Capacity to meet deadlines and communicate clearly

- Any experience with agriculture or with wholesale is a plus

Time Commitment:   20-30 hours / week

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