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Marketing and Communications Design Fellow

Grupo Ecológico Sierra Gorda IAP

Marketing & Communications Fellow

About the Organization:

A grassroots alliance with headquarters in Jalpan de Serra, Querétaro, a quiet federally protected area known s the Sierra Gorda Biosphere Reserve. The strategy is based on civil, pubic and private sector participation in protection and restoration of the living landscape.

Fellowship Description:

Join the communications and marketing team for creative input and development with our experts in Environmental Education, Biodiversity Carbon, Sierra Gorda Ecotours, and GESG for awareness raising campaigns; graphic design support for didactic materials; branding for GESG, including webpage design, construction, and maintenance.

Intern Qualifications:

Illustrator y Photoshop



Accustomed to working with a team, flexible to work within the project and where needed.

Time Commitment: 30 hours / week

Marketing and Communications Design Fellow

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