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MBA Fellow

Ebb Carbon

MBA Fellow

MBA Fellow

About the Organization:

Ebb Carbon is a climate and ocean restoration company. We remove legacy carbon dioxide emissions from the air by accelerating the ocean’s natural ability to capture and store carbon. In the process, we also reduce ocean acidity–one of the biggest problems facing the ocean today. Our method has the potential to be one of the largest scale and lowest cost approaches to removing excess carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Ebb’s mission is to remove gigatons of CO2 from the air, while reducing ocean acidification to restore a healthier planet for generations to come.

Fellowship Description:

We are looking for an MBA intern to work directly with the VP Business Development and be responsible for a range of global strategic initiatives in the 2023 and 2024 plan. The ideal candidate will bring startup experience, a tolerance for uncertainty and is driven to find new and innovative approaches for a technology startup in pursuit of making a real impact on climate change.

What You’ll Do:

Refine go-to-market strategies and presentation materials

Build financial models for US and global markets

Develop market research and competitive analysis into current and future segments

ID new business development value propositions and activities


- Climate tech experience would be ideal

- Completion of at least 1 year of a leading MBA program

- BA/BS degree or equivalent practical experience

- startup mentality a must!

Time Commitment:  20-30 hours / week

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