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Phytoplankton Biology Fellow


Phytoplankton Biology Fellow

Phytoplankton Biology Fellow

About the Organization:

Vesta is working to help reverse climate change with a triple pronged approach that 1) supports coastal communities in the fight against sea level rise, 2) mitigates climate change with permanent carbon removal, and 3) reduces harmful ocean acidity locally (learn more in this video). We do this through Coastal Carbon Capture (CCC), a highly scalable nature-based approach to permanent carbon dioxide removal. It works by adding a natural carbon removing sand to coastal areas, where it dissolves, removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and storing it as alkalinity.

Much of Vesta’s research is published in open-source journals for the global community in order to advance the safe and ethical applications of Ocean-based carbon dioxide removal. To continue this work, we are actively fundraising through the Coastal Carbon Capture Development Fund, a 501(c)(3). Vesta is a hybrid organization, and as such our team is also currently raising a Series A investment round into our Public Benefit Corporation.

Fellowship Description:

Vesta is looking for a phytoplankton microbiologist, biotechnologist, bioengineer, or biochemist intern with a focus on marine phytoplankton. Knowledge or experience extracting and processing phytoplankton biomass is a strong plus. This position will conduct literature research on the various methods to extract and process phytoplankton biomass for commercial use from bioreactors. They will write up a report with their findings at the end of their term. This intern will report to the Head of Microbiome Science.


Undergraduate receiving a degree in microbiology, biotechnology, biochemistry, or bioengineering with a focus on phytoplankton

Time Commitment:   20 hours / week

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