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Retail Fundraising Strategist Fellow

Waste Warriors Society

Retail Fundraising Strategist Fellow

Retail Fundraising Strategist Fellow

About the Organization:

Waste Warriors Society is a non-profit organization catalyzing systemic change to solve the waste management crisis of the Indian Himalayan Region. Our work lies at the intersection of Climate Change, Biodiversity Habitat Conservation, and Informal livelihoods. With a team of 180+ Warriors spread across various locations nestled in the beautiful landscapes of Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh, we strive to create effective waste management solutions across urban and rural landscapes, with a special focus on eco-sensitive and tourist areas

Fellowship Description:

Waste Warriors Society intends to diversify its funding sources and aims to meet 25% of the funding needs through individual giving/retail funding. It plans to acquire and retain individual donors through a robust fundraising strategy.


Master’s degree in marketing, business administration or a related field

Strong understanding of retail fundraising principles and practices

Excellent communication and interpersonal skills

Data analysis and fundraising

Time Commitment:   20 hours / week

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