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Technical Product Development Fellow


Technical Product Development Fellow

Technical Product Development Fellow

About the Organization:

Symbrosia developed SeaGraze, a natural seaweed feed additive that reduces enteric methane emissions in livestock by 80%+. Called “the seaweed that could save the planet” by The Verge, Forbes, and The Washington Post, Symbrosia’s product is unmatched in value and is being used by Neutral and Organic Valley in early demonstrations. Symbrosia breeds and cultivates fast-growing seaweed strains in Kona, Hawai'i and mixes the dried seaweed into ration or blended with mineral on pasture for verified reduction. By working with contract manufacturers, carbon certifiers, and trendy brands we're creating scaled, audited, and culturally significant climate-friendly beef and dairy products ahead of cell-cultured alternatives.

Fellowship Description:

Through this internship, you will learn what it's like to be a core team member at a fast-growing startup in the climate sector and how marine algaes and microbes can help us solve some of the world's largest problems. You will put your creativity and innovation mindset to use to mitigate climate change through experimentation design and execution, community member interviews, literature reviews, production ideation, and product roadmap generation.

During this internship you will:

Help Symbrosia assess opportunities in emerging markets

Work alongside the Discovery R&D team to design product roadmaps

Develop business strategies for potential commercialization of new products

Create lasting impact on the trajectory of our company

Have the best internship of your life

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

Literature and industry news reviews – synthesize landscape reports of emerging technologies and applications.

Budget and timeline development – work with business development and discovery R&D teams to determine financial and resource requirements/feasibility for new product development.

Have vision! The sky is the limit. Propose whacky, ingenious, emerging ideas with the biggest social and environmental benefits imaginable.


Desired Qualifications:

Pursuing or completed a Bachelor's or Master's degree in Biochemistry, Biology, Chemistry, or a related field.

Previous hands-on experience in a research or product development setting, whether through coursework, internships, or personal projects.

Willingness to adapt to a dynamic work environment and continually learn new techniques and tools.

Strong ability to analyze scientific literature, formulate hypotheses, and develop experimental approaches.

Self-motivated, with the ability to work independently and proactively contribute to team goals.

Excellent verbal and written communication skills to effectively collaborate with multidisciplinary teams, present findings, and document procedures.

Motivated by climate action. Our product serves as a tool for reducing global greenhouse gas emissions. We are a team that is motivated by this value.

Time Commitment:   10-15 hours / week

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