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Dr. Jennifer Holmgren of LanzaTech, one of our Keeling Curve Prize Laureates

For us, the Keeling Curve Prize was the first true validation by somebody who was focused on climate mitigation and climate-removal strategies that what we were doing made sense. So the prize was really important to us, since we needed that — we needed people to start to believe in what we were doing.

— Dr. Jennifer Holmgren, LanzaTech

Let's Decarbonize the Planet

Science-backed solutions to the climate crisis already exist — they just lack the funding and qualified workforce necessary for success. 


This is where you come in. 


By donating to the Global Warming Mitigation Project today, you will help fund the three interconnected elements of our program.

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Our Three Interconnected Programs





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The Global Warming Mitigation Project comprises three interconnected programs that work together to address the funding, capacity building, and visibility challenges that global changemakers face as they scale their science-based solutions to decarbonize the planet. 


Jit Bhattacharya, BasiGo Inc, Keeling Curve Prize Laureate

Jit Bhattacharya

BasiGo Inc, Keeling Curve Prize Laureate

“The recognition from the Keeling Curve Prize brought BasiGo’s work in sub-Saharan Africa into the spotlight of the international climate community. Thanks to KCP, we have been able to share the untold story of how East Africa can become a global leader in sustainable public transport.”

Wrishija Roy, Constellations Fellow

Wrishija Roy

Constellations Fellow

“The Constellations program has allowed me to learn and act on something I’m passionate about. Having a community of young, like-minded individuals who are all aware and eager to tackle climate change is great.”

Ashwati Ramesh Climate Collective, Conduit Partner

Ashwati Ramesh

Climate Collective, Conduit Partner

“In every corner of the world, startups and nonprofits work tirelessly to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and carbon drawdown. They are the heroes that deserve recognition, support, and funding. At its core, that's why the Keeling Curve Prize exists. This year's prize winners are pursuing diverse, high-impact pathways to mitigate climate change and protect our planet.”  


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 Global Warming Mitigation Project
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