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During her Master’s program in Energy Policy and Climate at Johns Hopkins University, Global Warming Mitigation Project Founder Jacquelyn Francis decided that the solution to decarbonizing the planet was to find, fund, and elevate climate leaders and entrepreneurs around the world.

After securing initial funding, she assembled a global team of brilliant climate experts and founded the Keeling Curve Prize in 2018. This internationally recognized prize has evolved into three interconnected programs that are helping to catalyze a global response to the climate emergency.

The Keeling Curve Prize

It all starts with our flagship program, the Keeling Curve Prize, which awards $50,000 annually to each of 10 global projects that demonstrate the ability to reduce, replace, or remove greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Since 2018, we’ve awarded $2.25M to 70 nonprofits, for-profits, and startups, vetted more than 1,600 viable solutions, and grown one of the largest networks of global warming mitigators in the world. The projects we’ve awarded are currently projected to reduce 3.27 gigatons of CO2e emissions this year alone.

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Building on this work, Jacquelyn and her team created the Constellations Fellowship, a virtual program that fosters the next generation of climate leaders by connecting college students and recent graduates to professional opportunities within a global network of climate organizations.

The Constellations Fellowship

Our Constellations Fellowship program provides Keeling Curve Prize winners and finalists with the critical staffing they need to scale their climate change solutions by connecting them with a qualified workforce of students and recent graduates who have demonstrated a commitment to becoming climate solutionists.  

The success of both the Keeling Curve Prize and the Constellations Fellowship ultimately led to the development of The Climate Impact Conduit, a spectrum of interconnected programs and resources that not
only nurture climate leaders but facilitate funding from investors, philanthropists, and companies to drive immediate climate solutions.

The Climate Impact Conduit

The Climate Impact Conduit creates ongoing access to capital for more than 1,600 climate companies and nonprofits around the world through an open data online platform for investors, philanthropists, and corporations.


Our Alliance Partners

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