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Let's decarbonize the planet

Science-backed solutions to the carbon crisis already exist — they just lack the funding and qualified workforce necessary for success.

We know it’s easy to feel overwhelmed, but you can make a difference. 

By donating to the Global Warming Mitigation Project today, you will help fund our three interconnected programs, The Keeling Curve Prize, The Constellations Fellowship, and the Climate Impact Conduit. 

Your Gift Can Spur Innovation

The projects we’ve supported are projected to reduce 3.27 gigatons* of CO2e emissions this year alone.

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GWMP Donate QR (3).png
GWMP Donate QR (3).png
GWMP Donate QR (3).png
GWMP Donate QR (3).png

Keeling Curve Prize funding awarded to date


Projected gigatons of annual C02e
emissions reductions*

Constellations Fellowship applications to date

Capital raised by winners after receiving the Keeling Curve Prize


Countries represented

Please donate today so we can restore balance to global carbon cycles, and allow the planet to heal.  

For more information about legacy giving and other opportunities to support GWMP, please contact Hannah Odell at

Thank You

The Global Warming Mitigation Project honors the rights and privacy of our donors. We do not sell, share or trade donors’ personal information to any other entity. Our DONOR PRIVACY POLICY is available for more details. We subscribe to the DONOR BILL OF RIGHTS developed by the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP).

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