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Climate Impact Conduit

The Climate Impact Conduit is a mission-driven program that is designed to help fix what is broken with
climate finance by driving greater flows of capital to under-resourced and overlooked innovators – looking beyond the “unicorns” to fund an expansive and varied ecosystem of desperately needed solutions.  

A link to capital

The Climate Impact Conduit program is a database that links investment funds, money managers, philanthropists, and family offices with Keeling Curve Prize winners, finalists, and high-scoring applicants. In doing so, it provides them access to essential capital while creating outsized early-stage investment opportunities for funding partners

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How does it work?

Our database of vetted climate projects and programs will be maintained and updated regularly to reflect the most promising investment opportunities. Companies in the database include a broad spectrum of climate solutions, including clean technologies, transportation innovations, green finance, AI, reforestation, and more. All high-scoring Keeling Curve Prize applicants become part of the Conduit whether or not they win the prize.

This program is offered to a select group of partners on an annual basis. If you are interested in becoming a Climate Impact Conduit partner, please email


“In every corner of the world, startups and nonprofits work tirelessly to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and carbon drawdown. They are the heroes that deserve recognition, support, and funding. At its core, that's why the Keeling Curve Prize exists. This year's prize winners are pursuing diverse, high-impact pathways to mitigate climate change and protect our planet.”  


- Ashwati Ramesh, KCP Judge and Lead of Climate Tech Investment Network (Climate Collective Foundation) 

Our Conduit Partners

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