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Climate Impact Conduit

The Climate Impact Conduit is an impact-driven program designed to unlock greater flows of capital to some of the world's best climate solutions.

Investors, donors, and corporations can connect with more than 1,100 entrepreneurs and nonprofit leaders in 109 countries to make meaningful investments that create returns for people, the planet, and the bottom line.

How it works

This open data online platform includes something for every climate funder, with a mix of companies (60%) and nonprofits (40%) varying across region, size, demographics, and climate verticals. 

Companies in the database include a broad spectrum of climate approaches, including high- and low-tech solutions, nature-based methodologies, and social and financial mechanisms. Users can search by criteria to discover high-potential climate tech startups, innovative growth companies, scalable locally-led solutions in the Global South, and everything in between.

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Membership Packages

  • Philanthropist: Donors, family foundations, and family offices can work with the GWMP to identify prospective nonprofit climate grantees and recipients.

  • Investor: Impact investors, angel investors, and venture capital can receive customized support from GWMP to source climate startups and companies that meet their specific criteria.

  • Corporation: Value chain solutions and abatement portfolios (Coming 2024).


“In every corner of the world, startups and nonprofits work tirelessly to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and carbon drawdown. They are the heroes that deserve recognition, support, and funding. At its core, that's why the Keeling Curve Prize exists. This year's prize winners are pursuing diverse, high-impact pathways to mitigate climate change and protect our planet.”  


- Ashwati Ramesh, KCP Judge and Lead of Climate Tech Investment Network (Climate Collective Foundation) 

Our Conduit Partners

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