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Constellations Fellowship

The Constellations Fellowship provides students and recent graduates with professional virtual internships within our global network of Keeling Curve Prize Laureates and Finalists.

Sakshi, climate change intern

Sakshi Sitesh

“Through this internship I have become a better team player who can empower others and learned that I am a self-starter."

Fatima, climate change intern

Fatima Karim

“The pandemic in general has made me realize how important finding a community of people to work with is, because if you have a group of people around you that are also trying to fix the problem, it feels fixable."

Sebastian, climate change intern

Sebastián Barquín Sanchez

“My passion for this issue comes from living in and visiting other countries. In Panama, for example, you can just see the clouds of smoke in cities from the cars."

Weronika, climate change intern

Weronika Myslack

“My internship allowed me to see how the communities that are already marginalized are also the ones that suffer the most from the effects of climate change."

Dominique, climate change intern

Dominique Agnew

“The highlight of my internship is the different people I have met and the inspiration I have had throughout my time working for two great organizations."

How it Works

We are fostering the next generation of climate leaders by connecting students and recent graduates to professional opportunities within our global network of climate organizations. The Constellations Fellowship offers 12-14 weeks of 100% remote entry-level career experience in the field. Fellows gain real-life, hands-on professional development and career-building skills.

All inquiries should be directed to Saige Middleton, Program Manager.


University Partners

Though any qualified student can apply, these universities have partnered with the GWMP to help make the Constellations Fellowship a reality by directing their students to the program.
Thank you!

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