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About Us

Climate innovation is on the rise, but capital and workforce talent are far behind pace. We need to rapidly scale funding and resources for climate entrepreneurs to meet 2030 goals. Tackling the complexities of global warming requires a multifaceted approach across all sectors, industries, regions, and approaches. That is why GWMP mobilizes resources for a wide variety of solutions around the world.

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The Global Warming Mitigation Project contributes to decarbonizing the planet by identifying innovative climate leaders and deploying resources to advance solutions.


We aspire to cultivate a livable planet by strengthening effective climate solutions.

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We accelerate projects and programs that reduce, remove, and replace greenhouse gas emissions worldwide by providing the capital, talent, and visibility needed to scale.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice

The Global Warming Mitigation Project aims to enhance diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice (DEIJ) as an integral part of our mission to support decarbonization of the planet. Our DEIJ policy is grounded in respect, fairness, and opportunity and considers diverse and underrepresented voices in decision-making. We aim to create a program that accelerates decarbonization and promotes a more just and sustainable world for future generations.

View our full DEIJ policy here.

The GWMP Alliance

We know that collaboration and collective impact are imperative to slowing and eventually reversing global warming, so the Global Warming Mitigation Project has built a supportive ecosystem that is made available not only to our Keeling Curve Prize Laureates and finalists but to all high-scoring projects and programs in our database.


This GWMP Alliance is a multi-faceted community of partners working toward a shared goal of building a livable planet for future generations. Alliance members include climate funders, storytellers, influencers, advisors, advocates, and champions who provide our applicants with year-round opportunities for visibility, capital, relationship building, and growth.


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