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10 Ways to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint Today

Written by: Zoe Crimmel

1. Ride your bike instead of driving your car.

Cars are such a convenience in today’s world that we tend to forget about the other modes of transportation. Depending on our days, lives, and activities, sometimes you can ride a bike or walk instead of driving your car. Getting outside has many proven benefits for our health and the environment.

2. Reduce, reuse, and recycle. 

Research local recycling programs that are in or around your area. Use Terra Cycle as a helpful tool to search for brands that offer free recycling programs for the products in your home. Helpful tip: print out a graphic and hang it near your trash can so you know what can/should be recycled and what can’t.

3. Compost your food scraps.

Research local composting programs. Good Start Packaging is a good site to see if there is a composting service near you, and don’t worry if there isn’t. Composting is becoming increasingly popular and there are more at-home composters on the market today than ever before.

4. Head to a thrift store for your next shopping trip instead of buying something new.

Use The Thrift Store Finder to find a thrift store near you and read what other shoppers are saying about the store. Thrift stores have countless items for prices that may be within your budget.

5. Wash your clothes with cold water and hang your clothes to dry instead of using the dryer.

Instead of using hot water to wash your laundry and dishes, which needs to be heated by electricity, opt for a cold wash. Also, opt for some good old-fashioned hang drying instead of throwing them in the dryer to help your clothes last longer. It will also help lower your electrical bill and carbon footprint!

6. Switch the lights off when you leave the room and unplug your electronic devices when they are not in use.

Lights are great for when we need to see, but what about when we leave? Instead of leaving the big lights in the house on when we are away, why not unplug those fans and switch off those lights? Not only will it help your carbon footprint, but it will also help lower your utility bills.

7. Opt to shop for plastic-free or confirmed recyclable items.

Most of our daily items contain plastics that are harmful to the environment and our bodies. Plastic-free and more natural substitutes are becoming more and more available to people. Be sure to watch for these as you go to the store to buy some cleaning materials or deodorant!

8. Use reusable bags when shopping.

When shopping, bring a bag that you can put your groceries in. Not only will you look more stylish when you carry around a fun reusable bag rather than a plastic or paper bag, but you will also be lowering your carbon footprint and helping the planet.

9. Visit a farmers' market instead of the supermarket.

Supermarkets may have easy access to foods that are in seemingly endless supply, but why not take a little adventure to a farmer's market somewhere nearby? Farmers markets have locally grown food and support local farmers which supports smaller businesses and natural produce, especially when you shop from organic growers.

10. Cut down on meat consumption.

The meat industry is one of the biggest polluters in the world. Simple choices that you can make in your diet can impact your carbon footprint along with your health. Sometimes, a meal without meat isn’t bad and might be fun to experiment with. Let your creativity shine in the kitchen and try new recipes with no meat.


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