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Spring Sustainably Tips

Spring is finally here. As the flowers bloom, the breeze becomes a bit warmer, and the grass and leaves turn greener, the transition from winter to spring starts. It’s time for tips and ideas that can help you enjoy this spring even more!

Gardening Tips

According to the Mayo Clinic, gardening has been shown to lighten mood and lower stress and anxiety levels in people. It also provides benefits from the exercise that comes with the time outside, which benefits the lungs, heart, immune response, and digestion. However, it isn’t only us that benefit from the gardening we do. Bees use the pollen from the plants to make honey, butterflies might come to drink some nectar, worms use the soil as homes, and beetles might come to chill in the shade of the petals. As the weather starts to warm up again, this is an excellent alternative to sitting inside when bored and doesn’t require much space or time. The great thing about gardening is it can be as small or as large to accommodate the needs of everyone. From tiny herb gardens that can be placed on the window sill of the kitchen to larger raised planting beds in the backyard, there is an opportunity for everyone to find a way to take care of a plant, and the varieties are endless. Linked below are tips and tricks for both:

Gardening is also an excellent opportunity for kids to get outside and dirty their hands. Kids can create homes for their plant friends to live in using little pots and paints. For some more tips and tricks for kids to do outside involving gardening, click the link below:

Cleaning Tips

As our homes rotate from winter sanctuaries to summer sanctuaries, we use the term Spring Cleaning. Depending on where you live, spring cleaning can look different. Winter clothes get put away, summer shorts are taken out, houses are dusted from the winter build, and windows are opened to let in the warming air. Here are a few tips and tricks to make your spring cleaning routine more eco-friendly!

Depending on preference, some people like to use disinfectant wipes, while others may prefer a spray and a towel. Neither is right, and neither is wrong. However, both have healthier options for both the house and the planet. Linked below are instructions on how to make different cleaning solutions in both spray and wipe options, which allows you to scent them in scents you will enjoy:

As someone who loves a good-smelling house but hates the chemicals and trash that come with well-known fragrance smells, spring is a great opportunity to take advantage of the fresh air. Here are some homemade DIY and natural air freshener recipes that will leave your house smelling great without the chemicals:

Spring is also a fantastic time to soak in the sunlight, even from the inside. Opt to open the blinds or the windows instead of turning on the AC or the light. It will save money on the electrical bill and lower your carbon footprint on the planet. Your carbon footprint is the amount of pollution each individual emits from fossil fuels. 

Outdoor Activity Tips

The great thing about outdoor activities as the weather gets warmer is they can range from activities that use acres of space to activities that only need your bubble. They are adaptable to what anyone may have accessible to them and any amount of time they may be willing to give. Even a few minutes outside has benefits for your health, both mentally and physically. Outdoor activities are also an opportunity to turn off the house's lights and AC and save on electricity bills. Many outdoor activities aren’t just fun but can also help the planet. This is also an opportunity for those of you with kids to get them to connect with the plant through fun activities like building bird feeders from pine cones or scavenging for leaves. Linked below are options for outdoor activities ranging from camping in the woods to simply sitting and enjoying the outdoors. The possibilities for spending time outside are nearly endless!


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