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The Laureates

The Global Warming Mitigation Project’s (GWMP) Keeling Curve Prize works to spotlight the most promising projects that are actively reducing, removing, or replacing greenhouse gas emissions or increasing carbon capture in our atmosphere. These incredible and groundbreaking Laureates have been selected by our team of climate experts as the most effective climate solution in their respective categories. Each category addresses a specific sector of climate innovation:

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"As Laureates, the Keeling Curve Prize has been instrumental for our practical work with communities to reduce food waste on farms, and has enhanced our legitimacy and credibility in our asks to policymakers and business leaders to take strong measures to reduce waste.”

— Megan Romania, Senior Researcher, Feedback









*In 2018, our prize categories were different. We've organized our 2018 laureates on this page based on which of our current categories their project area fits best.

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