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Ines Ayostina

Fox Research Fellow, Yale University

Ines Ayostina is an environment and development sector professional, with extensive experience collaborating with a diverse array of institutions, including government agencies, think tanks, international organizations, and private corporations.

As a Fox Research Fellow at Yale, Ines specializes in Southeast Asia's environmental policy, focusing on climate, oceans, and circular economy. She was awarded a Kerry Fellow at Yale, where she supported John Kerry's, US Special Presidential Envoy for Climate, research. She was also part of the Yale-Indonesian delegation at COP26 UNFCCC in Glasgow. Formerly at World Resources Institute, Ines developed research, programs and managed projects for Indonesia's climate-ocean initiatives involved in issues ranging from plastics, ocean economy, and coastal management. In her previous assignment, she also worked to improve a natural resources extraction company’s process, designed sustainable infrastructure, and advanced blue carbon mitigation and adaptation.

She holds a Master's in Environmental Management from Yale University, specializing in industrial ecology and energy, and a Bachelor's in Environmental Engineering.

Ines Ayostina
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