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Colorado Woman to Bike 600 Miles for Climate Action


ASPEN, CO, 7/2/24—Starting on July 12, Jacquelyn Francis of Aspen will bike 600 miles from Utah to Idaho to inspire others to act on the climate crisis and showcase the possibilities of sustainable travel. As the founding executive director of the Global Warming Mitigation Project, she's riding to raise funds to help deploy resources to the world's leading climate solutions.

"I want to inspire others to consider sustainable travel options and show that long-distance biking, while daunting, is entirely possible and should be celebrated—even when you're about to turn 60, like me! I hope that one day in the near future, this type of travel isn't seen as impractical (or even unusual) but inspirational, freeing, and exhilarating," says Jacquelyn.

Jacquelyn training for her ride in her hometown of Aspen, Colorado.

Jacquelyn's goal is to raise $20,000 to support the critical work of the Global Warming Mitigation Project. She is participating in Climate Ride's 2024 Independent Challenge, a program that helps cyclists, runners, and hikers organize multi-day fundraisers that benefit over 100 climate action organizations. You can support her efforts here.

Jacquelyn has dedicated her life to finding solutions to global warming and is an avid biker. She decided to challenge herself both mentally and physically by pedaling to her next climate event while raising funds and awareness along the way.

At the midpoint of her journey, Jacquelyn will present at the opening night of the 9th Sun Valley Forum. During this presentation, she will reveal the 10 winners of the 2024 Keeling Curve Prize, a prestigious annual award that recognizes innovative solutions worldwide to reduce greenhouse gases and combat climate change.

Jacquelyn will post insights, stunning scenery, and real-time updates on her progress and experiences throughout her ride. Be sure to follow along on social media:


Media Contact:

Lindsay Koser

Marketing & Communications Manager | The Global Warming Mitigation Project

About the Global Warming Mitigation Project:

The Global Warming Mitigation Project is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that contributes to decarbonizing the planet by identifying innovative climate leaders and deploying resources to advance solutions. Since 2018, GWMP has awarded $1.75M to 60 nonprofits, for-profits, and startups and vetted more than 1,600 viable climate solutions.

About Climate Ride:

Climate Ride is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that puts together active charitable events to raise

money for and awareness of sustainability, environmental causes, public health, and active

transportation including bicycle advocacy. Since 2008, Climate Ride has granted over $6.2 Million to sustainability and active transportation nonprofits.

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