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Climate Corner: Failing grades abound in fight against warming

How are we doing on climate action? According to John Doerr’s tracker on the Speed and Scale website, not so good.

On electric transportation, cars are on track but buses, trucks, planes, ships and prices are not. When it comes to decarbonizing the grid, solar and wind are on track but storage, coal, gas, heating, cooling and cooking are not. All food production and food waste are getting a failing grade. Protecting nature is either failing or “code red,” which is really bad. Hard-to-abate industries and carbon removal are all code red. 

While I was at a TED conference this week, one of the questions posed was, “Do we love our children?” I know we do, but how do we show this love? We buy them stuff, we take them on adventures, we help them get into the best colleges and we give them everything we can afford to give — except a livable planet. Shouldn’t this be at the very top of our priority list? 


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