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Climate Corner: Redirecting funds toward climate awareness will go a long way

Read the Aspen Daily News article here.

Hey Aspen, do you ever feel overwhelmed with the constant stream of events and activities we encounter as we move through the year? From the holiday season, to the Super Bowl, to the Oscars, it seems that something is always going on. It's as if we are constantly adding more and more to our lives, whether through activities, events, or consumption. It can feel like a never-ending cycle of hustle and bustle.

How do our actions affect both ourselves and the planet we inhabit? While there are numerous resources available that offer assistance with self-improvement, it’s crucial that we also consider the well-being of our home – not only our beautiful mountain town but the entire planet as well. How can we take care of the environment around us? 

Climate education that is factual and easy to understand may be less accessible, but it does exist. People are passionately working on climate solutions every day in every part of the world. Solutions can be as simple as planting trees (or not cutting them down in the first place) to filtering the atmosphere, and using captured molecules to make materials and fuels. "Why don't we have enough information about the various climate solutions being implemented across small and large communities? There are numerous solutions that combine natural and engineered concepts, designed for both rural and urban regions (including oceans), and benefit individuals from all income brackets. How can we learn more about the importance and implementation of these climate solutions?"

Mother Earth desperately needs a good agent, especially with the current situation that is unfolding around the world. Our planet is currently facing climate change, and the movie that we are living in is not looking promising. This movie about industrial emissions causing heat-trapping gases to increase in our atmosphere has been in the making for about 200 years, starting from the Industrial Revolution. However, it is not getting the attention it deserves. It is crucial that the world starts to take this matter seriously as the effects of global warming are already being felt. In order for us to have a chance at a future with a habitable planet, the Earth needs its own top-notch marketing and promotional team that will help bring awareness to the issue.

A recent study conducted in 125 countries, involving around 130,000 individuals, revealed that most people favor more climate solutions and demand more political force around these solutions. Interestingly, 69% of the respondents say they’d be willing to donate 1% of their personal income to support climate action. However, the study also highlighted that the countries most resilient to climate impacts are the least willing to contribute their income to climate action. Aspen, for instance, is a very climate-resilient community that is vulnerable to wildfires and dwindling snowpack. Nonetheless, the community has adapted well to these challenges and has enough resources to mitigate the worst consequences locally, at least for now. 

What would happen if we took a broader perspective and considered the bigger picture? If 1% of the income earned by individuals living in Aspen was utilized to support and invest in climate change mitigation and adaptation projects worldwide, it could make a significant difference. As we all know, money has a tendency to follow money, so the key is to redirect the flow of funds toward promoting a carbon-balanced lifestyle.

If we don’t take care of our planet, we are not taking care of ourselves. 

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