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Local non-profit, venture capital fund partner to build the ‘Wikipedia of climate solutions’

Written by: Josie Taris, The Aspen Times

Two Roaring Fork Valley-based organizations partnered to build such a tool. The Climate Impact Conduit launched last fall, a product of Pitkin County-based non-profit Global Warming Mitigation Project (GWMP) and decarbonization-focused venture capital (VC) fund VoLo Earth Ventures, which started in Snowmass.

“The United States and the wealthy of the world are complicit in the climate situation,” said Jacquelyn Francis, founder and executive director of the GWMP. “Anyone who’s benefited off of the fossil fuel world should want to transition into the new energy economy … where things are not fossil fuel-based. As a mountain town as a ski town, it’s certainly connected to just the things we love.”

The database includes a mix of about 60% companies and 40% non-profits from across the globe. Climate categories like carbon sinks, energy, finance, social and cultural pathways, and more are represented.


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