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Jacquelyn Francis

Founder and Director, Global Warming Mitigation Project

Jacquelyn created the Keeling Curve Prize and the Global Warming Mitigation Project (GWMP) in the fall of 2017, where she currently serves as the Founding Executive Director. Jacquelyn is committed to investing her skills, expertise, and resources to help transition all of humanity to a future beyond fossil fuels. She uses scientific rigor, mathematics and pragmatism as tenants for climate forward-thinking leadership.

She participates in the annual international TED conference and is a Future Forum Strategic Partner for TED Countdown. She is a judge for the highly scientific Merck Future Insights Prize, an official Observer for The Climate Investment Funds run by WorldBank and an Observer for the annual UN Conference of the Parties (COP). Jacquelyn volunteers as the Chairperson of the Aspen/Pitkin County Airport Board -a challenging and influential position in her hometown of Aspen, Colorado.

Prior to founding GWMP, she spent four years as the Executive Director of the Aspen Science Center and worked closely with the Aspen Center for Physics. As a working professional, she earned her M.S. in Energy Policy and Climate from Johns Hopkins University in 2019.

Jacquelyn Francis
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