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Roberta Baskin

Award-Winning Journalist & Founding Executive Director of AIM2Flourish

Roberta Baskin spent more than 30 years as an awarding-winning investigative reporter at CBS News, ABC news, & PBS exposing stories of injustices. Her storied career garnered more than 75 journalism awards, including three duPont Columbia Awards, two Peabody Awards, and multiple Emmys. Her investigations reformed injustices and improved dozens of health and safety products and practices. She now serves on five non-profit boards dedicated to climate justice and solutions to socio-economic divides.

Eight years ago Roberta shifted to the mission of finding companies and telling stories about exemplary businesses, companies helping to achieve the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. She co-founded and launched at Case Western Reserve University. It now showcases more than 4,500 Global Goals stories written by business school students in more than 100 countries. Roberta served as key fundraiser, strategist, and global education promoter. Real Leaders Magazine honored her among its “100 Visionary Leaders.”

At the heart of the Global Goals is Goal #13: Climate Action, which led to Roberta’s current position as a founding Board of Directors officer for One Earth Philanthropy. Roberta also serves on the founding board of The Peace Studio, supporting strengths-based media-making in the arts and journalism. She’s also a founding board member of FoolProof, a free platform teaching financial literacy, used by more than 12,000 teachers nationwide. Roberta was honored with a Nieman Fellowship at Harvard University and named an Ethics Fellow at the Poynter Institute. She has traveled the world as a guest lecturer from Baku to Budapest, and from Bilbao to Borneo. She lives with her retired journalist husband, Jim Trengrove, in a former CIA safe house overlooking a lake in Virginia.

Roberta Baskin
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