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Charite Abijuru

Business Development Fellow

Charite Abijuru graduated with a bachelor's degree in Global Challenges from the African Leadership University in Kigali, Rwanda. He is too passionate about the agriculture sector with a mission of strengthening small farmers' capacity to be resilient to the effects of climate so that they can continue to produce more without being compromised by climate change.

He has 4 years of experience working with small farmers in Africa, where he served more than one million farmers. I am interested in investing in community-based sustainable projects. Before joining Constellations Fellowship, He worked with One Acre Fund and USAID, focusing on climate finance and investing in small farmers.

Through the Constellations Fellowship, He aspires to use it to continue contributing to building viable solutions to solve the world's most pressing challenges for climate finance and investing in rural communities.

Outside of career life, Charite has music as a certified therapist.

Charite Abijuru
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