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Chinenye Agbo


Chinenye Marvellous Agbo, a final-year student at the African Leadership University (ALU) Rwanda, is pursuing undergraduate studies in Global Challenges with a mission in climate change and natural resource management. In 2020, she founded the Young Environmental Change Movement, aimed at sensitizing the youth on environmental issues through three key pillars: youth engagement, awareness, and research. Chinenye has consistently committed to leadership, community involvement, and volunteer engagement. She co-founded Akuxonga in Kigali, Rwanda, an initiative promoting the use of edible insects for food sustainability. Additionally, she co-founded the Nkawatutu Venture, an environmentally conscious initiative that repurposes waste synthetic hair into valuable resources.
Chinenye's fascination with the relationship between climate change and indigenous knowledge has been evident throughout her academic and entrepreneurial pursuits. Her research on "The Biological Properties Impact of Moss Plants in Air Recycling in Onitsha, Nigeria", contributes valuable insights into the use of indigenous materials to mitigate the impact of anthropogenic climate change. Furthermore, her dedication to fighting air pollution led her to design AirFlora, an innovative filter that reduces up to 30% of air pollution in urban spaces.
Despite her impressive projects and research endeavours, Chinenye recognized the importance of incorporating storytelling into her strategies. Fascinated by the power of storytelling to connect people and ideas, she delved into courses exploring digital communication and social media management. Here, she discovered a passion for crafting compelling narratives and engaging content that resonates with audiences across digital platforms. She honed her content creation and digital storytelling skills, recognizing the significant potential these mediums hold in shaping perceptions and driving action.
Driven by curiosity and ambition, Chinenye sought opportunities to apply her knowledge and skills in real-world settings. She interned with grassroots organizations championing the conservation cause, gaining hands-on experience in video editing, social media management, and content strategy. Collaborating with a diverse team of creatives, she learned the importance of strategic planning, audience segmentation, and data analysis in optimizing digital content for maximum impact.
As she embarks on her journey, Chinenye is excited about the opportunity to further develop her skills and expertise with 10Power. She looks forward to contributing her unique perspectives and experiences to the organization's mission.

Chinenye Agbo
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