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Nhi Nguyen

Commercial Projects Fellow

During my time at university, I had the opportunity to delve into a wide range of fields through various extracurricular activities and internships. These experiences allowed me to gain valuable insights and hands-on experience in diverse areas such as marketing, project management, data analytics, market research, and management consulting.

Throughout this journey, I became increasingly determined to pursue a career in Sustainability Consulting or Impact Investing. My goal is to make a meaningful contribution to the sustainable development of my country, Vietnam, which is still a developing nation grappling with numerous challenges related to pollution, climate change, and sustainability.

This spring, I am thrilled to embark on a new chapter at Jaza as a Commercial Project Fellow. This opportunity will enable me to further enhance my core competencies in market research and analysis while deepening my understanding of sustainability concepts. Moreover, being a part of the Constellation Fellowship program not only offers tremendous prospects for professional growth but also provides a platform to connect with talented individuals and experts from around the world.

Nhi Nguyen
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