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Creative & Marketing Fellow


Creative & Marketing Fellow

About the Organization:

LanzaTech Global, Inc. (Nasdaq: LNZA) is the carbon recycling company transforming waste carbon into sustainable raw materials for everyday products. Using its biorecycling technology, LanzaTech captures carbon-rich gases generated by energy-intensive industries at the source, preventing them from being emitted into the air. LanzaTech then gives that captured carbon a new life as a sustainable replacement for virgin fossil carbon in everything from household cleaners and clothing fibers to packaging and fuels. By partnering with companies across the global supply chain like ArcelorMittal, Zara, H&M Move and Coty, LanzaTech is paving the way for a circular carbon economy.

Our impact: Our carbon recycling technology is operating at 6 commercial plants around the world and has the collective capacity to abate 500,000 tonnes of CO2 annually.

With dozens more projects in the pipeline, we are helping global companies like Zara, H&M Move, Coty, and On use recycled carbon to make sustainable consumer products from carbon that would otherwise be emitted from heavy industries such as steel making.

Our team:
•We’re a diverse, woman-led company, with over 400 team members and counting
•We’re distributed around the globe—from Chicago and Europe to India, China, and New Zealand

Named one of TIME Magazine’s 100 Most Influential Companies of 2023, our team is taking on climate change one tonne of carbon at a time

Fellowship Description:

The Creative & Marketing Intern will help build LanzaTech’s visual and written storytelling portfolio for corporate and commercial communications. You will design and develop materials for array of marketing channels (including conferences and events, digital and social media, and customer engagement) and assist in the creation of evergreen campaigns and key news moments. You will help build visual and written assets that take target audiences on carbon’s journey from plant to product and the life cycle assessment to complement.

You will collaborate with the External Relations team, working most closely with LanzaTech’s Director of Communications and Chief Sustainability Officer.


The ideal Creative & Marketing Intern is a highly motivated individual looking to build a career in the climate tech industry. You have direct experience or strong interest in science communications and creative technical storytelling and are studying science, engineering, design, or a related, interdisciplinary field. You are proficient with Microsoft Office, have worked with Adobe Creative Cloud, and might have dabbled in the world of AI image generation. Most importantly, though, you bring enthusiasm, curiosity, and passion to your everyday work and are driven to leave the planet a better place than you found it.

Time Commitment:  10-15 hours / week

Creative & Marketing Fellow

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