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Data Management Fellow

Solar Sister

Data Management Fellow

About the Organization:

Solar Sister provides graduated business coaching, mentorship, a tested product pipeline, warranty support, and access to local Solar Sisterhood groups for networking, support, and encouragement.

Solar Sister Entrepreneurs use existing woman-to-woman social networks to build their businesses and provide their communities access to affordable, clean energy. These products mitigate the negative local and global effects of traditional energy sources and climate change. Along the way they elevate their own standing, invest in their families and neighborhoods and help usher their communities into an electrified future.

Fellowship Description:

The person in this position will help Solar Sister solidify their internal data and data processes to build internal stability and put Solar Sister in position to grow their impact without straining our data systems and maintaining a high standard of data quality. Responsibilities include:
- Support country admin in three countries by troubleshooting and updating data in the Solar Sister data environment, including both Salesforce and TaroWorks
- Design and write new and update data collection forms through Taroworks to improve the experience for field team members and increase Solar Sister data quality
- Assist the Data and Systems Manager in creating a complete system reference guide and data codebook.
- Perform data analysis functions as requested by the data systems manager, other HQ staff, and country teams


- Knowledge of data collection and data management principles
- Experience with at least one of the following data management or data analysis software: Excel, Salesforce, Google Sheets, TaroWorks, Tableau, PowerBI, other relational database platforms
- Ability to work independently and meet deadlines
- Interest in Monitoring & Evaluation, Data Management, international development or climate change
- Fluency in English

Time Commitment:   30 hours / week

Data Management Fellow

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