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Stephan Nicoleau

Partner, FullCycle

Stephan Nicoleau is a Partner at FullCycle, a sustainable infrastructure fund accelerating over $7B of climate-related real assets globally. The fund specializes in commercializing innovation and technology that is climate critical in a number of sectors – energy, waste, circularity and agriculture, as examples. He is a noted impact investor and brings over 15 years of private sector investing, public-private partnership development and advisory work, including a principal role structuring the efforts to redevelop LaGuardia Airport, a $5B project.

Stephan also represents FullCycle within GFANZ – the Glasgow Financial Alliance for Net Zero, representing $130T of commitments made towards climate action, and is a thought leader amongst investors in this sector and beyond.

Mr. Nicoleau is on the boards of Project Drawdown, one of the most highly-regarded organizations that has played a pivotal role of identifying climate solutions and strategies that the market can adopt; Future of Cities, an organization designed to steward climate-forward urban development and innovation; and Monument Lab, a public arts organization working to create a public discourse around monuments, public space and memory.

He is a frequent keynote speaker, featured writer and thought leader in climate, innovation, and investments.

Stephan Nicoleau
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