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2022 Keeling Curve Prize Winners Announced!

2022 Keeling Curve Prize Winners Announced in Darmstadt, Germany

Ten climate projects and programs from around the world are announced as Keeling Curve Prize laureates, winning $25,000 each.

Darmstadt, Germany. - On Tuesday, July 12th, the Global Warming Mitigation Project (GWMP) revealed the winners of the 2022 Keeling Curve Prize (KCP), celebrating these projects’ impactful climate mitigation efforts. This year’s winners are recognized for innovations such as green nitrogen fertilizer production, seaweed cultivation for cattle feed, and alcohols produced with CO2.

Each year, the Keeling Curve Prize awards $25,000 to 10 projects and programs across the globe with demonstrated success in reducing, eliminating, avoiding, or drawing down greenhouse gasses out of the atmosphere. The 2022 prize attracted nearly 400 applications.

This year’s KCP Winners Ceremony was held live in Darmstadt, Germany, as a part of the Curious2022 Future Insight Conference. GWMP’s Executive Director, Jacque Francis, announced the winners onstage with 2020 KCP Laureate Lukas Mörchen of Generation Forest and 2019 KCP Laureate Frederique Seidel of World Council of Churches.

Francis shared, “Greenhouse gas emissions are the driving force behind the climate emergency. This can and must be addressed, worldwide. Elevating and investing in proven projects and programs is a valuable way the GWMP is lighting up the landscape for a livable future.”

KCP winners are selected from a field of hundreds of applications, after passing through a rigorous screening process conducted by the program’s impressive team of analysts. This year’s judging panel included Kara Hurst, VP of Worldwide Sustainability at Amazon; Stephan Nicoleau of FullCycle; Ashwati Ramesh of Climate Angels Network; Paul Holthus of World Ocean Council; and other leaders in the climate space.


KOKO Networks is an international technology company leading the way in clean ethanol cooking fuel and cooking products.

Nitricity is commercializing a breakthrough technology that produces fertilizer using only air, water, and renewable energy.

Canopy works to transform unsustainable supply chains, catalyze innovative solutions, and keep the world’s vital forests standing.

Wastezon is envisioning a waste-free world by using a mobile app to connect recycling industries with households to transact recyclable solid wastes.

Air Company transforms carbon dioxide from the atmosphere into alcohols that can be used to create everyday products like hand sanitizers and spirits.

Symbrosia is working on a breakthrough solution to drastically reduce the methane produced by livestock around the world, naturally.

MEETS Coalition is a new approach to deep energy efficiency that harvests energy from commercial buildings.

GreenMax Capital Advisors is a group of international clean energy investment advisory and management-consulting firms established in 1994.

BasiGo Inc. is an early-stage e-mobility start-up looking to revolutionize the public transportation sector by providing public transport bus owners with a cost-effective electric alternative to diesel.

Enzinc Inc. is a zinc battery company that is making an advanced rechargeable battery for mobility and stationary uses.

The Keeling Curve Prize awards $250,000 annually to projects that display proven carbon uptake, drawdown, or sequestration efforts. The prize is a program of the Global Warming Mitigation Project, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that is identifying, activating, and accelerating projects and programs worldwide that are reducing greenhouse gas emissions and increasing carbon uptake. This includes direct funding of vetted organizations, enhancing networking and promotional efforts, identifying ways to unleash funding opportunities for climate solutions, and supporting climate justice.

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