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Aspen-Based Nonprofit Turns Heads at New York Climate Week

28, September, 2023, Aspen, Colorado - Members of the female-led, Aspen-based nonprofit, the Global Warming Mitigation Project (GWMP) were among many attendees and leaders who gathered last week in New York City for the largest annual climate event of its kind - Climate Week NYC.

Climate Week NYC, hosted by award-winning, international nonprofit Climate Group, takes place over eight days and consists of 400+ events and activities in every corner of the city. The event brings together politicians, business leaders, and change-makers of all ages and backgrounds to gather together and inspire and accelerate change.

“New York City is a melting pot and financial mecca. It’s the nervous system of America. The energy in the city is zooming and chaotic, which makes it a great place for a climate event. It’s the kind of energy that’s needed to get the world excited about all the climate solutions being discussed and implemented,” says Jacquelyn Francis, the founder and executive director of the Global Warming Mitigation Project.

This year’s Climate Week couldn’t have come at a better time, given that New York City was at the forefront of climate chaos when Canadian wildfires turned the city skies orange in June. Extreme weather caused by global warming was felt across the planet this summer with record-breaking temperatures, torrential rains, wildfires, and storms.

On a mission to mitigate global warming, Francis’ Aspen-based nonprofit finds and funds climate programs and projects on every continent that are reducing, removing, or replacing greenhouse gas emissions. This year, Francis was asked to be an expert speaker by climate organizations like Blue Planet Alliance, The Astra Project, and Peace Boat during Climate Week NYC to discuss topics like methane, the power of partnerships to tackle the climate crisis, youth engagement, and more.

The Global Warming Mitigation Project also hosted its annual Keeling Curve Prize Laureate Celebration on Thursday, September 21, gathering climate entrepreneurs and nonprofit leaders worldwide. The fundraising event, hosted by artist and entrepreneur Eric Ringsby, featured many special guests, including famed environmentalist Bill McKibben, three-time GRAMMY-nominated singer Rocky Dawuni, world-renowned electronic music producer, DJ Spooky, and award-winning photographer Diane Tuft.

“The climate solutions that we award through the annual Keeling Curve Prize come from all over the world and span a variety of sectors, approaches, industries, and solution sets. Our Laureate Celebration further shows that solutions are diverse in scope and geography and this helps demonstrate that climate action needs to happen everywhere with everyone all at once,” says Francis.

To learn more about the Global Warming Mitigation Project and how you can support their work in healing the planet, visit their website.

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