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Meet the Analysts: Gerald Esambe

Gerald Esambe Njume is passionate about bringing global warming solutions to the world's most vulnerable communities.

The Global Warming Mitigation Project is committed to funding projects and initiatives around the world through the Keeling Curve Prize (KCP). One of the ways they do this is by finding experts around the world who are passionate about making strides in the fight against global warming. These allies have first hand knowledge about how climate change is affecting communities outside of the United States and the solutions that can help.

One of these individuals is Gerald Esambe Njume. Gerald lives in Ivory Coast in Western Africa. He works as a Climate Change Consultant at the African Development Bank and is part of the team reviewing Keeling Curve Prize Applications.

“I was attracted and motivated to apply to work for KCP because of the ambition to contribute in reducing GHG emissions through the identification of solid projects and promoting access to finance. I intend to support the Keeling Curve Prize going forward to identify projects in line with the objective to transition to low carbon development. I also intend to promote KCP ambition to the global south and other developing countries.”

Gerald feels supporting vulnerable communities with limited resources is important in the fight against global warming and is excited to advocate for projects in these areas.

“Supporting African countries in the development of their long-term strategies implementation is so close to my heart. Africa did not cause climate change but is already the most affected continent because of its high vulnerability to climate change variation and change.”

Gerald also stressed the importance of help from countries like the United States in the fight against global warming.

“Urgent action and support is needed from the US. We have solutions that can help fight climate change and need more funding to make them a reality.”


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